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Why is it that the Northeast

Creating the future of Tohoku as we rebuild


In order to truly recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake, restoring the region to how it was before the disaster is not enough. There is a need for efforts that will serve as a symbol of recovery for the Tohoku region and Japan.
The Kitakami mountain range in our Iwate Prefecture is a leading candidate site for the International Linear Collider (ILC), the world’s most advanced particle research facility.
With the ILC at its core, the building of an international academic research city in which researchers from Japan and overseas will live, as well as amassing related industries, will lead to true recovery.
For this purpose, the Iwate prefectural government , in cooperation with industry, academia and government in the Tohoku region, is now engaged in efforts to invite the ILC to the Tohoku region.

About the Holding of the - Pioneering the Future of Iwate - Public Lecture Session (Prefectural Residents Meeting)